Saturday, June 28, 2014

Coming in Early 2015


Creative Imagination
and the Poetry of the World
 Tom Cheetham

Spring Publications
Winter or Spring 2015

Cheetham’s book is a jewel that returns us to the “wild energies of creation” through his lucid and passionate dedication to the necessity of imagination for soul. His Imaginal Love: Creative Imagination and the Poetry of the World offers the essence of Jung, Hillman and Corbin as alchemical transformers of being in the anima mundi. Imaginal Love returns psyche to cosmos: as organ of imag(e)inging where we embody the angels. - Susan Rowland Ph.D. Pacifica Graduate Institute. Author of Jung as a Writer (Routledge, 2005) and The Ecocritical Psyche: Literature, Evolution, Complexity and Jung, (Routledge, 2012) 


  1. Ahh! I am thrilled to hear this news about a forthcoming book from you Tom. Love your work and am currently reading Green Man Earth Angel.

  2. Im also thrilled to hear another book is on its way. Without your efforts, Tom, I might never have encountered Cobin, might never have found such philosophical riches, polished and illuminated in your dazzlingly books. Without your efforts, I believe I would be immeasurably poorer in my outlook. There is another way... There are doorways and portals... And without doubt you are doing an invaluable service for those who seek to find and to open those gateways to new worlds, old worlds. Timeless worlds.