Praise for the Lectures

"Having read Tom Cheetham's five seminal books I knew him to be a brilliant independent scholar, capable of taking very challenging and esoteric concepts and making them understandable. But when I attended one of his workshops, I experienced a rare human being: a funny, passionate, engaging, joyous lecturer whose erudition is simply stunning. Best of all, I felt transformed by meeting him: when I left the lecture I remember thinking, 'Tom makes me want to be a better human being.' " - Jonathan Gustin, Founder, Purpose Guides Institute

"Tom's program at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco was among the finest events we've offered.  His skills as a thinker and writer are matched by a talent for delivering material through showing the process of discovery that he describes, not simply talking about it. His integration of perspectives from Jung, Hillman and Henry Corbin - connecting these to poetry and modern art - brought ideas to life, and was deeply engaging to everyone."   Steve Zemmelman, Ph.D.,Jungian Child and Adult Psychoanalyst, Chair, Extended Education Program, C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

“Tom Cheetham is a scholar of extraordinary gifts. He is a wonderful speaker who carries his astonishing erudition lightly. I recommend him highly for those who share an interest in the groundbreaking work Henry Corbin did to elucidate the central place of the imagination in human consciousness.” - Michael Lerner, President, Commonweal

“With the force of passionate thinker and grace of a gentle friend, Tom Cheetham presents both the elegant beauty and the sometimes seemingly impenetrable thought of Henry Corbin. Exposure to this material by such an informed and compassionate soul allows generous space for the fertile field of creative Imagining.” -  Julie Strong, Jung Society of Utah 

"Tom is an enormously engaging speaker. For me, one of the most compelling aspects of his presentations is that he speaks from the perspective of both the learned scholar and the humble seeker, the wise teacher and the willing student. The talks he gave to the San Francisco Jung Institute in April 2013 contained many moments in which the power of the presence of language was palpably felt--silence and stillness in the room as the insight in his words sank in. Minutes later Tom would be telling a story that illustrated perfectly how the path to wisdom also requires a willingness to be vulnerable, in a state of not-yet-knowing--an experience to which everyone in the audience could relate. The discussion sessions that followed were both lively and profound. His presentations offered something for everyone." - Catherine Baumgartner, Project Director, Embodied Ecologies, San Francisco

Lecture Venues 1999 - Present

C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco
Analytical Psychology Society of Western New York
Dallas Institute
Omaha Friends of Jung (Video Seminar)
Brunswick Jung Center
Dallas Institute of Arts & Humanities - Oct 16-18
India International Center, New Delhi, India - March 24-26
Dallas Institute of Arts & Humanities
The Jung Society of Utah, Salt Lake City
Connecticut College Phi Beta Kappa Lecture, New London
The C.G. Jung Center, Brunswick, Maine
Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA 
The San Francisco Jung Institute
The Alcyon Center, Seal Cove, Maine
The Alcyon Center, Seal Cove, Maine
The C.G. Jung Center, Brunswick, Maine
The C.G. Jung Center, Brunswick, Maine
Count Dürckheims Retreat Center, Rütte, Germany
The Seattle Jung Society
University of California, Irvine
The C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Unitarian Universalist Church of Ellsworth, Maine
Temenos Academy Lecture Series, Oxford, England
University of Kent, Canterbury, England
New York Open Center, NYC
The C. G. Jung Center, Brunswick, Maine
Temenos Academy Lecture Series, London
University of Kent, Canterbury, England
Temenos Academy Lecture Series, London
Temenos Academy Lecture Series, London
Antioch New England Graduate School, Keene, New Hampshire
Eranos Conference: Unknown Gods, Ascona, Switzerland
Unity College, Unity, Maine
The C.G. Jung Center, Philadelphia
Xth International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology, Montreal
The C.G. Jung Center, Philadelphia

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  1. Tom Cheetham workshop in Salt Lake City was a joy to participate in. I appreciated his ability to interact with our group in a way that I think all of us had the feeling of being engaged. Tom brought Henry Corbin's vision to life and helped me understand his relevance to our times and challenges. I am grateful that he came to our community and shared his work. Vaughn