Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The 2001 Eranos Conference, Ascona

Top Row: Rainer van Neerboos, Anne-Marie Gabella, Dieter Beschorner, Robert Bosnak; Middle Row: Wanda Luban, Mrs. Dosenbach, Robert Hinshaw, Peter Mueri, Pierre de LaBarre, ?, Monique Salzman, ?, Rudolf Ritsema, Shantena Sabbadini, Jay Livernois; Seated: Gisela Binda, Eugene Taylor, Hermann Pfaender, Masayuki Sato, Jane Reid, Noboru Maruyama, Nobuhiro Kubota, Paola Maria Gabutti, Tom Cheetham, Ben Sells

Eranos Conference: Unknown Gods, Called or Not Called
Ascona, Switzerland, October 3-7.

Noboru Maruyama - Tenjinsama and I
Ben Sells - Smoke and Mirrors: How Psychotherapy Hides from Images
Eugene Taylor - William James: Yet To Be Revealed
Robert Bosnak - Alchemy and the Unknown
Masayuki Sato - Is There Civilization Without God?
Nobuhiro Kubota - When Life Meets Life
Alan Guggenb├╝hl - Sexual Abuse and Violence: Hidden Gods?
Tom Cheetham - Before I Was a Planet:
Poverty, Poetry and the Theory of Things
(Cheetham's lecture on Henry Corbin has been published in a revised
version as Chapter One of After Prophecy).